Case study: Eventum logistics agency

Eventum is a comprehensive event planning and production service company based in Mexico City. The agency specializes in corporate events, fundraising, weddings, and social events. They have been in the market for more than 10 years and have a team of experienced event organizers, producers, and designers.

Problem to solve

Eventum was facing a serious problem with staff scheduling. With 20+ events a month, it was difficult to keep track of staff schedules, availability, and assignments. The agency had to resort to manual methods such as spreadsheets and emails, which often led to confusion, double bookings, and miscommunication. Staff members also had difficulty accessing their schedules on the go, having to constantly check emails or call the office to confirm their schedules. This not only created inefficiency but also affected the quality of service provided to customers.

Evenum agencia de eventos


Eventum logistics agency decided to adopt our event management platform “Mainscope” to solve their staff scheduling problem. Mainscope is an all-in-one platform that offers registration, ticketing, and event management solutions. It also includes a staff scheduling feature that allows event organizers to schedule and manage their staff efficiently.

The agency implemented the platform by creating a staff account for each team member, where they could see their upcoming schedules, availability, and event assignments.

The platform’s mobile app allowed staff to access their schedules on the go, eliminating the need to call or email the office for updates. The platform also allowed the agency to set up automatic notifications and reminders for staff schedules, ensuring everyone was informed and updated in real-time.

Event Mobile para agencia de evntos


The implementation of Mainscope helped Eventum solve its staffing problem efficiently. The platform provided a centralized location for staff scheduling, eliminating the need for manual methods like spreadsheets and emails. The mobile app and push notifications allowed staff to easily access their schedules and ensure they were always up-to-date. The agency also saw an improvement in the quality of service provided to clients, as staff members were better prepared and informed for their events.


Adopting an event management platform like Mainscope helped event planning agency Eventum solve their staffing problem effectively. The platform provided a centralized location for staff scheduling, eliminated the need for manual methods, and improved the quality of service provided to customers.

This case study shows how an event organization agency can benefit from using an event management platform to solve its operational challenges.

Mainscope has all the features your agency requires because this development is designed for event management companies like yours.

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