Case study: Pfizer sales conference

For each medical event that Pfizer held, there was an agency that helped them manage the guest lists to issue flights and reserve their accommodation. To get from a guest to an assistant, you must go through a management process.

Problem to solve

The process that they carried out in a “manual” way was that each representative (500 in the Pfizer sales force) selects their doctor and sends their 2 or 3 doctors to their district manager. In turn, the manager sends those listings to the product manager, who groups all the listings to send to the events area, which it shares with the agency. For each change or addition or cancellation, this entire process must be carried out. All this was done with Excel files and emails, lots of emails.

Within the process invitation letters must be sent, acceptance signatures must be collected, flight itineraries must be sent, confirmation calls must be made. All of this information should also be shared so that everyone is on the same “channel”.

In parallel to this process, the costing process is carried out. The best options have to be quoted with the suppliers, they make quotes for each request and Pfizer compares these quotes and decides which is the best option. And they keep a timely follow-up of each item of the price so as not to have deviations. At the end, a closing of all costs is made and each item, service and invoice is reviewed in detail down to the cents.

Pfizer evento corporativo


Use a platform where everyone involved in the process can share the same information and can see what is happening in real time. The agency can see when the representative uploads a guest to the list and he confirms attendance, so he does not have to wait for any email, all through the platform. All information for each guest is on an integrated basis, so whoever makes a change to the guest, everyone knows how to act on it.

On the same platform, the costs are related to the processes, that is, each doctor means one more flight or one more room, which are related to their cost, so it is easier to carry out both procedures with the same effort.


  • Process optimization and time reduction.
    Improvement in the application of the budget and annual savings.
  • Savings in budget and execution times.
  • Increased satisfaction with the service received by internal clients and visiting physicians.
  • Increase in attendance
    Standardization and process structure.

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