Case study: “Unidos por los niños” triples fundraiser

The Association “Unidos por los Niños” is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to children and young people in vulnerable situations. Its main source of funding comes from donations, but in recent years, the amount of funds raised has decreased considerably. The lack of resources put the continuity of their assistance programs at risk.

Problem to solve

The Association faced several problems, such as the lack of an efficient process to organize and promote fundraising events, the limited visibility of its activities and the difficulty in reaching a wider audience. In addition, the handling of donations was manual and therefore prone to errors. All this resulted in a low participation in their events and, consequently, in a decrease in income from donations.

Unidos por los niños


The Association “Unidos por los Niños” decided to implement the Mainscope event management platform as a key tool to overcome these obstacles. The platform allowed them to:

Create online fundraising events quickly and easily, with the ability to customize and tailor them to your needs.
Promote your events through multiple channels such as social media, email, and partner websites.
Facilitate the registration and donation process, offering various payment options and automating donation receipts.
Monitor fundraising in real time, which allowed them to adjust their strategies and increase the effectiveness of their events.
Centralize the management of attendee and donor data, which facilitated communication and post-event follow-up.

Event Mobile para agencia de evntos


The implementation of Mainscope Events and Mainscope Mobile helped the “Unidos por los Niños” Association triple its donations thanks to the total control and monitoring of the guests and attendees at the donation collection event.


The implementation of the Mainscope event management platform generated multiple benefits for the Association “Unidos por los Niños”:

  1. Increase in fundraising: Thanks to the greater visibility and ease of access to its events, the Association tripled the number of donations compared to the previous year.
  2. Expansion of reach: The platform made it possible to reach a broader audience, both nationally and internationally, increasing the number of donors and volunteers interested in collaborating with the cause.
  3. Cost reduction: Task automation and centralized information management eliminated the need to invest in additional resources for event and donation management.
  4. Improved donor satisfaction: The transparency and efficiency in managing the funds raised increased the confidence of donors and the probability that they would participate again in future events.
  5. Continuity of Assistance Programs: The Association maintained and expanded its programs thanks to the significant increase in fundraising.

Mainscope Platform

Manage all your events easily and in a single system.

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