Case study: Universidad del Futuro brings together thousands of alumni

Imagine that you are in charge of organizing the great alumni reunion of your prestigious University. The institution hopes to reconnect its graduates and encourage professional networking, but you have faced difficulties in organizing an event that is attractive and accessible to all. What can you do?

Problem to solve

You have realized that there are several challenges along the way, such as the time and effort required to plan and coordinate such a large event, promotion and communication with alumni, and the lack of an efficient registration and follow-up process. All this could lead to low participation and limit the success of the event.

información centralizada


You decide to use the Mainscope event management platform to overcome these obstacles. Thanks to this tool, you can:

  1. Create and personalize the alumni reunion event, adapting it to the needs of the attendees and reflecting the identity of the university.
  2. Promote the event on multiple channels, such as social networks, email, and the university website, reaching a greater number of alumni.
  3. Facilitate the registration process, offering a simple and fast system that adjusts to the preferences of alumni.
  4. Monitor the progress of the event in real-time, allowing you to adjust your strategies and improve the attendee experience.
  5. Centralize the management of alumni information, facilitating communication before, during, and after the event.


The use of the event management platform has been a great success for the Universidad del Futuro. Not only did you manage to put together an unforgettable alumni reunion, but you have also strengthened the alumni community and fostered professional growth for all who attended. Who knew that such a simple tool could have such a big impact?


Thanks to the use of the event management platform, you get amazing results:

  1. Greater participation: Attendance at the event skyrockets, bringing together thousands of alumni from different generations and areas of study.
  2. Strengthened professional networks: Attendees have the opportunity to reconnect with their peers, create new professional relationships and explore opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Personalized experience: The platform allows the event to be adapted to the preferences and needs of the alumni, offering a unique and satisfactory experience.
  4. Reduction of costs and time: The automation of tasks and the centralized management of information allow you to save time and resources, which translates into a more efficient organization.
  5. Valuable feedback: The platform makes it easy to collect feedback from alumni, which helps you improve the organization and planning of future events.

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