Educational institutions

Maximize your attendance at events with a single and simple platform

Mainscope para instituciones educativas

Attract future students by showcasing the traditions of current students, alumni, and faculty.

Cultivate a culture for digital generations

Attract the best like-minded prospects to your college or university while maintaining an engaged and thriving community for current students everywhere.

Mainscope cultiva la cultura de instituciones educativas

Connect with your students

Encourage your alumni base to contribute more by hosting Q&A sessions with faculty and administration, special events, live chat conferences, polls and surveys, and much more.

The Mainscope platform makes it easy for you.

Empower faculty to take research further

Showcase your institution’s thought leadership and give your faculty’s pioneering research a global stage with innovative event strategies.

Mainscope empodera al profesorado

Take your events to a global audience

With virtual and hybrid events, your imagination is the limit.

Open house meetings can bring your institution’s culture to an international audience.

Create unforgettable occasions, like graduations, by incorporating a hybrid event with your own app.

Event types

One platform, many events.

Open day

Show the culture of your institution from day one anywhere remotely or live.

Conferences and congresses

Make it easy for your students to present their work to the world, while at the same time meeting other academics and students.


Specialization or regularization workshops are easily manageable events with our platform.

Job fairs

Connect your students with those talent seekers related to your institution.

Student meetings

Whether you organize an event for alumni or current students, a well-organized community event strengthens the institutional culture.

Special events

The complexity of graduations and special events has never been easier when you use the Mainscope events platform.

Diversion en evento

University alumni reunion

Logistics integration of the event with the Mainscope platform



Keep accurate control over the annual planning of your event budgets.

Compare your actual vs. budgeted spend to gain visibility into your performance.

Funcionalidades de Mainscope

Applications and costs

Keep an accurate control of your costs through historical documents, quotes and invoices in a centralized way.

Solicitudes y costos controlados con Mainscope

Attendee, agenda and program management

Within a single platform, you can control your registrations, confirmations, attendance, and guest control.

Gestión de asistentes con Mainscope

Adaptable mobile application

An adaptable mobile application to facilitate access to event information on various devices.

Aplicación móvil de Mainscope

Information and database

Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze event performance, and attendee participation.

Reportes y análisis con Mainscope