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Any type of event

Live events

Online enrollment and registration

Our event management platform makes the enrollment and registration process easy for attendees, allowing them to check in quickly and easily, increasing participation.

Attendee management

Take detailed control of attendees, their preferences, and contact information, making it easy to communicate and personalize the experience.

Programming and agenda

Create and manage a detailed event schedule, including sessions, workshops, and activities, and share it with attendees for easy navigation and organization.

Supplier and resource management

Mainscope helps you coordinate and manage all logistical aspects of the event, such as caterers, equipment rental, transportation, and accommodation, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Communication with attendees

Our platform makes it easy to communicate with attendees before, during, and after the event via email, push notifications, text messages, and social media, keeping them informed and engaged.

Integration with social networks

Mainscope allows you to easily integrate the event with social media platforms, helping to increase visibility, promote the event, and generate engagement among attendees.

Real time monitoring

Our event management platform includes real-time monitoring and analytics tools that allow you to make informed decisions and adjust the event as needed.

Income and payment management

Mainscope allows you to securely manage and process payments, including registration fees, ticket sales, and other additional services, offering flexible payment options and detailed financial reports.

Security and data protection

Our event management platform guarantees the security and protection of the information of attendees and organizers, using security measures such as encryption and two-factor authentication.

Any type of event

Virtual events

Mainscope para eventos virtuales

Online interaction and networking

Mainscope includes forms of interaction such as live chat, discussion forums, and video conferencing, allowing attendees to connect and build professional relationships regardless of geographic distance.

On-demand content

Our platform allows you to record and store sessions so attendees can access them at any time, giving attendees greater flexibility and learning opportunities.

Data analysis and monitoring

The virtual events platform offers data analysis tools that allow you to measure event participation and performance, as well as identify areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

Cost and resource savings

Hosting virtual events significantly reduces costs associated with logistics, space rental and transportation, allowing organizers to invest in other key areas of the event.

Personalization and branding

Our virtual event platform allows you to customize the event design and experience to reflect your brand identity, helping to create an emotional connection with attendees and increase engagement.

Accessibility and scalability

Virtual events are easily accessible to people around the world, allowing organizers to reach a larger and more diverse audience. Additionally, virtual event management platforms can be easily adapted to different sizes and types of events, providing flexibility and room for growth.

Any type of event

Hybrid events

Seamless integration between in-person and online experiences

Our hybrid event management platform enables seamless integration between the on-site and virtual components of the event, delivering a cohesive and enriching experience for all attendees, regardless of location.

Greater reach and participation

By combining in-person and online elements, hybrid events allow organizers to reach a broader and more diverse audience, including those who are unable to physically attend the event due to geographic, time, or mobility restrictions.

Flexibility and adaptability

Mainscope offers the flexibility to accommodate different event formats and sizes, allowing organizers to adjust and tailor the event based on attendee needs and preferences.

Improved networking and collaboration

By combining in-person and online interactions, hybrid events foster richer and more meaningful networking and collaboration opportunities among attendees, strengthening professional relationships and creating long-term value.

Analysis and measurement of results

Mainscope makes it easy for you to analyze and track data that allows organizers to measure performance and participation in both components of the event, identifying areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

Sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint

By combining in-person and online elements, hybrid events can significantly reduce costs associated with logistics, transportation, and resource consumption, resulting in a greener, more sustainable event.



Keep accurate control over the annual planning of your event budgets.

Compare your actual vs. budgeted spend to gain visibility into your performance.

Funcionalidades de Mainscope

Applications and costs

Keep an accurate control of your costs through historical documents, quotes and invoices in a centralized way.

Solicitudes y costos controlados con Mainscope

Attendee, agenda and program management

Within a single platform, you can control your registrations, confirmations, attendance, and guest control.

Gestión de asistentes con Mainscope

Adaptable mobile application

An adaptable mobile application to facilitate access to event information on various devices.

Aplicación móvil de Mainscope

Information and database

Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze event performance, and attendee participation.

Reportes y análisis con Mainscope