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Mainscope funcionalidades planeación

Budgeting tools

  • Budgets by type of expense such as: food and beverages, transportation, lodging, marketing, among others.
  • Monitoring budget vs actual expenses, with alerts.

Cost estimation

  • Based on previous events of similar size and nature.
  • Historical information allows for accuracy in budgets.

Financial reports

  • Detailed reports by event of expenses against budgets, ROI and other financial metrics.
  • These reports are easily shared with event owners and budgets.


Applications and costs


Configuration of the logistics of the flow of authorizations, approvals, and cancellations


Document repository for information flows. Requests, quotes and closings online.


Historical record of costs, quotes and invoices.


Historical base of real expenses by product/area, type of expense, form of payment, supplier, agency.


Agency assignment and bidding, with comparison view.


Attendee, agenda and program management

Mainscope funcionalidades gestión

Guest listings

  • Listing and control of guests, with classification of colleagues, staff, speakers, VIPs, participants, and others.
  • Specific behavior by guest classification.


  • Design of invitation letters and emailing.
  • Management of sending electronic itineraries and flights.
  • Online confirmations and automatic reminders.


  • Telemarketing module for guest confirmation, instant follow-up and database update.


  • Performance evaluations to organizers, suppliers and participants.


  • Storage of scripts, programs, agendas, letters.

Printing of attendance certificates

Attendance registration with QR codes

Landing pages

  • Configuration of landing pages for registration of participants.


Customizable mobile app

Mainscope funcionalidades movil


Users can customize the app based on their preferences, such as selecting topics of interest, creating custom schedules, and setting notifications and reminders for specific events.


The application is optimized for fast and efficient performance, guaranteeing minimum loading times and a smooth user experience, even in sub-optimal network conditions.


The app is compatible with all major mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS, ensuring that users can access the app regardless of what device they are using.


The application has a responsive design that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and orientations, from smartphones to tablets, ensuring optimal viewing and navigation on all devices.


Reports and analysis


Dynamic reporting structure that aligns with the company's sales force structure

Consolidated information

Consolidación de información tanto cuantitativa como cualitativa


Events calendar with details of costs, guests, venues

Personalized access

Personalized multi-user access to streamline the workflow and share the information that is necessary

Reports and KPIs

Generation of the necessary reports and performance indicators that allow the evaluation of each detail of the event

Post-event reports

Online reports and downloadable reports

Features for any event!

Deliver relevant live event experiences at all times. Create leads and qualified connections with branded mobile apps and on-site features, including lead retrieval.

Evento en vivo con mainscope

Create custom, branded events that any audience can join and enjoy from anywhere.

Eventos virtuales con Mainscope

Your audience is everywhere. Eliminate borders and serve in-person and virtual attendees with contactless registration and an intuitive, fully-customized mobile app.

Eventos Híbridos con Mainscope

Tienes el control total de cualquier tipo y tamaño de evento.