Logistics Agencies

Turn your clients’ events into unforgettable experiences.

Agencias logísticas

Expand your team and stay at the forefront of innovative event strategies.

Produce the most special and innovative events

Create unique experiences for your customers with a minimalist platform, branding opportunities, customizations and integrations with marketing tools that streamline the promotion, production and optimization of your event.

Mainscope para agencias que producen eventos especiales

Always comply with the short and long term RSI

Provide your clients with in-depth post-event analytics by attendee and event.

You can better understand the overall success of the event, improve future event experiences, and get feedback on all of your events to help your clients improve their annual event programming and strategy.

Mainscope te ayuda al RSI de corto y largo plazo

Protect your clients' events with world-class security

Give your customers peace of mind knowing that you can manage the security requirements of a virtual event on any scale, while meeting the most stringent compliance standards.

Give your customers confidence that their data and that of their event attendees is protected.

Mainscope protege y mantiene seguros tus datos

All events on a single platform

It doesn’t matter the number of clients or the different types of events you do for each one.

The Mainscope platform was designed for agencies and event management companies (EMC) of all kinds.

No matter what type of event your creativity generates, our platform allows you to plan and manage it.

agencia de eventos

Types of events

One platform, many different events.

Product launches

Organize your event around your product and make it memorable to position it and generate demand.

Conferences and congresses

Leave limited capacity behind. Full control with metrics to maximize RSI.

Internal events

Encourage the interaction of your different departments by centralizing everything on a single platform.

Sales meetings

Apply the format and content that best suits your sales meetings and meet your desired sales objectives.

Conventions and Expos

Integrate your customers and suppliers in a single event to align business plans.

Training and workshops

Encourages greater interaction and participation through video and chat on a single platform.

Event Mobile para agencia de evntos
Evenum agencia de eventos
Eventum - empresa de eventos
Agencias de eventos - Eventum

Eventum event organization

Control your event staff on a single platform



Keep accurate control over the annual planning of your event budgets.

Compare your actual vs. budgeted spend to gain visibility into your performance.

Funcionalidades de Mainscope

Applications and costs

Keep an accurate control of your costs through historical documents, quotes and invoices in a centralized way.

Solicitudes y costos controlados con Mainscope

Attendee, agenda and program management

Within a single platform, you can control your registrations, confirmations, attendance, and guest control.

Gestión de asistentes con Mainscope

Adaptable mobile application

An adaptable mobile application to facilitate access to event information on various devices.

Aplicación móvil de Mainscope

Information and database

Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze event performance, and attendee participation.

Reportes y análisis con Mainscope