Who we are

A company with a solid track record in technology for event planning and management.

Mainscope tiene una larga trayectoria en gestión de eventos

Our clients speak their mind

Users of our software who already manage their events.

Mainscope Mobile para gestión de eventos
Mainscope Mobile para administrar congresos

Why we exist

All companies and people have ever held an event and we all know the problems that exist. From the most important thing, which is the communication between the filmmakers, the search for suppliers and, above all, the use of different tools to store information.

This current way of holding events carries with it associated costs that we often don’t know where they are lost, hence the importance of making a relevant change.

Mainscope’s mission is to help everyone increase profitability and minimize the complexity of each event, building on team collaboration with little effort.

We have rethought how to organize events through a flexible and versatile web application that connects all those responsible, whether they are suppliers or owners so that everyone can focus on their part of the process.

We have earned their trust